Swarm Grinder Press Kit

Fact Sheet

Game Name: Swarm Grinder

Developer: Last Bite Games

Early Access Release Date: 5th of May

Platforms: Steam (TBA for Epic and other platforms)

Price: 7.99$

Press Contact: marketing@lastbite.games

Links: Steam, Twitter, Instagram, Discord


Swarm Grinder is an action roguelite game with pixel art graphics. Battle enemies to make your way through a mass of spreading and evolving cells hosting dormant enemies. Collect a variety of game-changing skills and upgrades to create unique builds.

At the start of every run, the map is procedurally generated, and it's crawling with the swarm. The cells are constantly spreading and evolving. When triggered, the cells burst to release the enemy within to exterminate you!

In Full Release:


● Different waves and bosses throughout the run

● A lot of characters with different base skills

● Different game modes to choose from

● Plenty of achievements